V&A Decode generative identity from postspectacular on Vimeo.


A chance to see your work on the London Underground

The V&A has commissioned Karsten Schmidt to design a digital identity for the Decode exhibition using open source code. We are giving you the opportunity to recode Karsten's work and create your own original artwork. If we love your work it could even become the new Decode identity.

You can download and interact directly with the source code, but you do not need to be an expert coder, as Karsten has also designed a graphical user interface. For full instructions and downloads go to the Decode Google code page which also has a detailed user guide written by Karsten.

Once you're satisfied with your recoded artwork, send it to us for inclusion in our digital gallery. Send me an email (The V&A reserves the right not to display any works deemed unsuitable). If you prefer you could save your artwork as a video or still image and upload it onto Vimeo or flickr, tagging it decode09. This will allow it to feed through into our Decode Live page.

A number of the recoded works submitted to us will be chosen by the V&A and CBS to appear on London Underground digital screens to promote the exhibition. Each work used in this way will appear fully credited with the name of its artist.

Click here for terms and conditions.